Board & train

In our Board & Train programs, our goal is to build a strong relationship by opening the lines of communication between you and your dog. Every dog can benefit from training, and a trained dog is much more enjoyable. We start by teaching dogs the skills they need to know to understand what us humans are asking and then “proof” these skills in different environments and situations.

We work with all different dogs and breeds to bring out the best in every dog/human team. We have a main curriculum for our programs, but take the time to get to know each dog and adjust our program accordingly. For example, we take the time to show the nervous dogs how to have confidence and the confident energetic dogs how to have control and manners.

And yes, we train you too! Our programs cannot be successful without the owner’s participation. We train your dog, and then we coach you on how to keep it all going. Our clients are successful because they are dedicated to their dogs, committed to learning, and continue to be consistent as they go forward. We love our clients and can ‘t wait to welcome you the ZenDog family!


In facility & In Home Programs

 This is an excellent option for dogs needing a solid foundation of manners. Your dog will have the benefit of learning in a focused environment with a Certified Trainer to unleash their “zen.” 

  • Evaluation day at the facility or in your home 
  • Meet & Greet prior to create a personalized training plan
  • Board & train at our facility or in a trainer’s home for 2 weeks
  • Daily day school access & enrichment participation
  • Individual training sessions following our curriculum and also working on your specific goals
  • Updates via a personal Google album with videos & pictures throughout the program
  • Online course access
  • Field trips to dog friendly locations around town
  • Detailed training progress notes for long term success
  • Transfer Lesson at our facility to go over your dog’s new skills
  • Follow Up Lesson in your home or public location
  • Price range $2500-3500

Typical Skills Covered

Walking nicely on a leash, sit & down, drop it & leave it, stay & wait (stay in place/ no door dashing, place (go to your bed), coming when called, ability to avoid distractions and stay focused, crate training/ potty training, overall manners (no jumping up, nipping), & proper social skills with other dogs.

Please visit our ZenDog Policies for Health Requirements, program details, and cancellation policies. We keep them simple and all together for your convenience.