day school

Private school for dogs

Whether your dog is still working to master their training skills or needs a gentle introduction to group socialization, our day school program is a more controlled approach to daycare. ZenDog’s Day School is a members-only, limited availability program that is paws above the rest.

Our structured day school was created with the best interest, safety, and well-being of your dog in mind. Unlike traditional daycares, we do not put numerous dogs together in an uncontrolled, free-for-all environment with limited supervision.

Instead, our structured day school rotates interactive training around other dogs, 1-on-1, enrichment, and much needed resting time.

Highlights of Structured Daycare:

  • Your dog’s daycare visit is built around small group play sessions, monitored by trained staff. 

  • Limited capacity ensures our professional staff can facilitate social interactions at the right pace and intensity for your dog. 

  • A reservation only program allows us to ensure that we are properly staffed each day.

  • Small group settings and low staff-to-dog ratio make this a great environment for reinforcing training commands and good canine manners. Our instructors make sure that all dogs, especially shy dogs, get the breaks needed to build their confidence with play and socialization.

  • All of our staff are trained to a higher capacity than most dog daycares. We invest in their knowledge of dog behavior, training, and safety.

  • All dogs get designated nap breaks in individual crates, ensuring a necessary cool-down period and time away from the excitement of group play.

  • A Kong or owner provided snack may help to make sure your pup can relax in their daycare crate. We recommend all dogs be crate trained to come to school. 

  • Dogs are encouraged to potty outside and our trainers will call them outside intermittently throughout the day to ensure accidents don’t happen inside. This means your puppy will be learning potty training too!

day school Packages

Offered Monday – Friday

(For Members ONLY)

  • An assessment day is offered to new pups wanting to try out the program. This trial day is a minimum of four hours and costs $45. After this, you can sign up for a membership via the website, then purchase your day school package!
  • Members can purchase any of the following day school packages and can pre-register their dog for Day School up to twice per week. For Day Training packages, please visit the Day Training tab. 

8 Days- $340

16 Days- $640

48 Days- $1725

64 Days- $2000

104 Days- $2700

*Cash Price Listed (a 4% charge is added to all online and card transactions)

Please visit our ZenDog Policies for Health Requirements, membership & program details, and cancellation policies. We keep them simple and all together for your convenience.