day school

Private school for dogs

ZenDog’s Day School program is a members-only, limited availability program that is paws above the rest.

Whether your dog is still working to master their training skills or needs a gentle introduction to group socialization, our day school services offer a more controlled approach to daycare. This program was created with the best interest, safety, and well-being of your dog in mind. 

We call it “day school” because unlike traditional dog daycares, ZenDog’s structured program focuses on quality play interactions, good manners. daily enrichment exercises, 1-on-1 time with our staff, and much needed resting time.

School Days

(Members ONLY)

  • HOURS |  7 am – 7 pm
  • Evaluation & membership required
  • Members can purchase a day school package and pre-register their dog for Day School up to twice per week.
  • Packages Available  |  8, 16, 48, 64, & 104 days

Highlights of Structured Daycare

  • Small groups and a low staff-to-dog ratio make this a great environment for reinforcing training commands and good canine manners.
  • Our trained instructors can make sure that all dogs, especially shy dogs, get the breaks needed to build their confidence with play and socialization.
  • A reservation only, limited capacity program focused on facilitating social interactions at the right pace and intensity for your dog.
  • ZenDog’s staff are trained to a higher capacity than most dog daycares. We invest in their knowledge of dog behavior, training, and safety.
  • All dogs get designated nap breaks in individual crates, ensuring a necessary cool-down period and time away from the excitement of group play

Please visit our ZenDog Policies for Health Requirements, membership & program details, and cancellation policies. We keep them simple and all together for your convenience.