private lessons

If you’re looking to teach your dog basic obedience, want to help them learn a specific skill, or you need help with a behavior issue(s), you need ZenDog’s professional guidance. Private lessons are a hands-on, do-it-with-you approach where you, as the owner, are directly involved in the training process and learn while your dog is learning too. Build the clear communication that’s essential to maintaining the “good dog” lifestyle or to keep building on your skills and aspire to even more! With private lessons, you are required to do your “homework” between lessons to make sure that you get the results that you are looking for. 

meet & greet

Interested in meeting with a trainer to determine what program will be best for your dog? We do offer FREE phone consults, but we know sometimes a face to face is preferred by the client. You can register for a private Meet & Greet with one of our trainers to discuss goals and assess your dog. This meeting is $55 and must be scheduled in advance. If you decide to go with one of our training programs, this fee will be deducted from the program price. 

in facility Lessons

Our In Facility lessons are offered at a discounted rate and only on specific days and times. You will receive a training plan after your first lesson and detailed notes/ homework after each subsequent lesson if you choose to do the In Facility program. 

Single Lessons- $125

In Facility Program (4 Lessons)- $450

In home Lessons

This option is best for dogs with issues that are best worked on at home. Examples include: jumping on guests, reactivity to new people, aggression, etc. We may also meet at a public location depending on your goals. You will receive a training plan with detailed notes/ homework after each lesson.

Single Lessons- $150

In Home Program (4 Lessons)- $550

virtual lessons

These 45- minute lessons are ideal for out of town clients or clients who are on a budget. Lessons take place over Google Meet. 

Single Lessons- $75

Virtual Training Program (4 Lessons)– $285

booster lessons

Add on more lessons to sharpen your skills or learn new ones! Booster lessons can be added on to any graduate of a Group Class, Private Lesson, Day Training, or Board & Train program for more one-on-one time with a trainer to help you work on the skills you want to master most. Each add on lesson is $75.

Please visit our ZenDog Policies for Health Requirements, program details, and cancellation policies. We keep them simple and all together for your convenience.